Paola Minerdo was born on 13th April 1974.
She started her training driven by a passion for beauty, in a continuous pursuit of any aesthetic expression of it. Her personal idea of beauty is a mixture of balance and harmony, and, according to her, light is the best tool to reveal it in all its perfection.
Her training, as she gratefully remembers, started thanks to her father, who introduced her to the world of light in 1994. For two decades she worked as a saleswoman, acquiring a deep knowledge of possible applications of different lighting materials.
As a Lighting Consultant, Paola Minerdo has an instinctive ability to illuminate living spaces inspired by Bernd Beisse and his concept of emotional lighting.
“Light is emotion”, she loves to say and follows this idea with determination. She creates strongly evocative environments, perfected in details, revolutionising the concept of light which is not just a functional element but becomes part of an experience.
Since 2014, she has worked free-lance as a Lighting Consultant: someone who is capable of putting the clients’ desires into effect and of managing every step of the process, from design to execution on the building site.
The satisfaction of her clients and the positive feelings a correct lighting can evoke are fundamental parts of her job.

Monique Sonia Thomas